Holiday Farm Fire Free Residential Soil Testing

The Upper Willamette Soil & Water Conservation District (UWSWCD) offers FREE Residential Home-Garden Soil Testing to McKenzie River Residents Impacted by the Holiday Farm Fire.

Free Residential Soil Testing will begin March 1st, 2023, with test results provided in time for garden preparation and planting in the spring of 2023. The home-garden soil tests will test for nutrients and Ph balance, and results will include information on soil deficiencies and recommended inputs.


  • It is recommended that wildfire-impacted soil be tested for nutrients prior to planting.
  • Soil tests will be free for the Holiday Farm Fire-Impacted community (any resident who lives within the HFF burn Perimeter).
  • Instructions for collecting soil samples and analysis are here:
  • Hardcopies will be available at drop off locations (see below)
  • Soil samples collection will be from March 1st– June 1st.
  • Test results will include recommended nutrients and fertilizers for each soil sample (each garden). One Sample allowed per household.

Allow Three weeks from date of drop off to receive a soil analysis report. The analysis can be emailed to you or if email is not available, alternative options to receive your analysis will be provided.

The UWSWCD plans to offer soil testing for two years in a row, so any residents not ready this spring will have an opportunity for soil testing before planting in 2024.

Drop off locations:

Orchid Health McKenzie River Clinic
54771 McKenzie Hwy
Blue River, OR 97413

Vida Post Office
45598 McKenzie Hwy
Vida, OR 97488

At drop off fill out the provided intake form with your contact information and intended crop. Attach the form to your soil sample bag and place it in the plastic tote.

***Note the UWSWCD soil tests will determine nutrient deficiencies for the re-establishing productive home gardens. These soil tests will not test for contaminants. For soil contaminant testing please consult with Pacific Agricultural laboratories at ***

Please contact Sarah Mackenzie with any questions: Phone: 458-239-9894 – Email: [email protected]