Why do we need the tax-base?

Stable funding

Most of the currently available funding for conservation and restoration comes from lottery dollars, and we simply mustn’t leave our environment and our future up to chance.

Local control

Local, sustainable funding will ensure long-term protection of our natural resources, our local communities, residents and our farmers and foresters. We don’t want to depend on unpredictable outside forces to be able to effectively protect our natural resources.

Economic benefits

Funding will contribute to the local economy in two key ways:

  1. It will leverage federal and state dollars to support the local ‘conservation economy’ and create local jobs in restoration & conservation. The tax dollars – as well as the state and federal dollars – will be spent locally to hire local contractors.
  2. It will also support our local farmers and foresters to invest in innovative approaches and strategies to promote the conservation of soil and water in our working lands. By helping them with advice and incentives to reduce environmental harm, we invest in our future and their valuable contributions to our local economy. We will all save money by fixing problems before they get out of hand.

Multiplier effect

Many of the programs we want to fund can be paid for by leveraging grant money available primarily at the federal and the state level. But right now, a lot of that money is left on the table, because we don’t have the staff to apply for and administer the grants. By increasing our capacity to design projects and apply for funds will multiply our investment many times over. With increased capacity we can also connect landowners to federal programs and funding at the scale required for more effective soil & water conservation.