Upper Willamette SWCD works with property owners to find funding and create a management plan that improves water, soil, and wildlife habitat. Below are some examples of what we can do – what can we help you with on your farm?

Manure Management

This project was implemented to address property owner concerns associated with run-off from her livestock operation. The site was surrounded by a large pond and wetlands. Prior to this project manure produced by the livestock was stockpiled uncovered within 100 feet of the wetland area and trucked … Read more

Livestock Exclusion

A small scale rancher was concerned about the effect his livestock were having on a spring fed creek that ran through his property and drained into Row River. Working with the Upper Willamette SWCD he was able to get a small grant. The funding assisted the rancher to set up exclusion fencing for the… Read more

Savannah and Woodland Enhancement

A property owner contacted us about his concerns for the legacy of his land for future generations. Oak savannas and oak woodlands are the most imperiled habitats in the Willamette Valley due to fire suppression and land use conversion. His small grant funded trimming, thinning, mulching, and planti… Read more

Stream Restoration

​A land owner contacted us about lack of fish in a stream that ran through his property. Upper Willamette SWCD conducted a site visit and noted a lack of large woody debris in the stream as well as a lack of shade to keep the stream cool enough for fish. A small grant funded the removal of invasiv… Read more