Our agency provides grant opportunities to local property owners to help with restoration and conservation projects.

Farmers Market Grant Program

The Upper Willamette Soil & Water Conservation District’s Farmers Market Grant Program awards grants up to $8,000 per market location for projects and events that promote conservation and support local food systems through community farmers markets in central and eastern Lane County. Successful project applications will encourage community and vendor participation in market events, educate the public on conservation or agricultural topics, and/or make local agricultural products accessible to diverse demographics.

OWEB Grant Programs

Upper Willamette SWCD technical staff utilizes the OWEB small and regular grant programs to provide funding assistance to small agricultural/rural residential landowners. Assistance includes project design, installation of conservation practices such as riparian and habitat enhancement, exclusion fencing for livestock from riparian areas, off-stream watering stations, livestock waste management structures, heavy use protection areas, cross fencing for rotational grazing, removal of invasive species, and restoration of native vegetation. OWEB grants help Oregonians restore and improve fish and wildlife habitat.

Federal Grant Programs

There are several popular USDA programs available for private landowners through the NRCS, including:

EWEB Healthy Farms, Clean Water Program

Provides financial assistance and incentives to farmers who implement water quality conservation practices on their land.

EQIP Organic Initiative

Special EQIP funding is available to organic growers that are certified organic or transitioning organic. Practices include nutrient management, cover crops, pest management and native tree planning.

EQIP Forest Initiative

Plan good forestry practices with the help of a certified consultant. Grant funds must be used to develop a Forest Stewardship Program.

Oregon DEQ Nonpoint Source 319 Grants

Provides funding for grantees to provide technical assistance and outreach services to effectively promote landowner installation of Conservation practices to address nonpoint source ground and surface water quality concerns. Water quality concerns that are specifically addressed include increased temperature, bacteria, e.coli, and other water contaminants.

Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP)

Provides assistance to growers and landowners who want to install measures to protect the soil, water, air and other natural resources on their working land. Conservation practices include tree planting, drip irrigation, soil moisture sensors, fish screens, pest consultants, no till and erosion control.