We envision urban and rural citizens protecting/stewarding natural resources for the benefits of all citizens and future generations.

Our Vision for Lane County

We envision clean, healthy, and abundant water resources for all people and wildlife in Lane County.

We envision abundant natural green spaces available to all citizens of Lane County.

We envision creating vibrant urban natural habitats for the benefit of our children, pollinators, and wildlife.

We envision bountiful healthy soils thriving with organic matter to provide nourishing foods, flourishing forests, and vital wildlife habitats on all lands.

We envision thriving, abundant wildlife habitats along rivers, lakes, streams, and on mountains, in oak savannas, and forests.

We envision the long-term protection of rural lands to ensure Lane County is a place that supports the vitality of farms and ranches for economic and social benefits.

We envision urban and rural citizens protecting/stewarding natural resources for the benefits of all citizens and future generations.

Economic Development

Natural Resources have always been the backbone of Lane County’s economy. The Upper Willamette SWCD recognizes the importance of contributing towards the economic development of our families and communities while also providing for the sustainable management of our land and water resources.

Economic Development Strategies:

  • Create local sustainable jobs through increased investment in sourcing local foods and leveraging state and federal resources for education, conservation, agriculture, and forest practices.
  • Develop programs that help small-scale farmers and foresters add value to their products and access local markets.
  • Support farmers, foresters, and other resource managers to obtain investments for the implementation of sustainable practices that improve soil and water management as well as their bottom lines.
  • Ensure that investments made in local conservation and education efforts are leveraged to bring additional dollars from the state and federal levels.
  • Plan and invest in soil and water conservation in a way that is economically, socially, and ecologically sustainable for today’s communities and tomorrow’s.

Financial Impact to Community

The Upper Willamette SWCD is funded almost entirely with grant funds. Annually the District receives approximately $75,000 in capacity grant funding from the Oregon Lottery via the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board. Research by The Ecosystem Workforce Program at the Institute for a Sustainable Environment and the Institute for Policy Research and Innovation have shown that Oregon SWCDs and Watershed Councils are able to leverage base capacity funding by an average of 500% from sources outside the county with 80% of total SWCD expenditures being spent locally. Further research shows that public expenditures have a “multiplier” effect that doubles the economic impact locally.

During the last fiscal year, the Upper Willamette SWCD was able to leverage its base funding by 250% generating over $300,000 in direct local economic impact. Over the last ten years the district has had over $2,150,000 in direct local economic impact.

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